Web Design

Product Page Improvements

Problem #1: This giant table of data...

Solution: Sticky Header

We have these giant data tables at the bottom of every product page. The only person that I've ever spoken to that uses them is the owner of the company. But he is the owner of the company, so we cannot get rid of them. So I created this sticky header that would stay at the top of the page, should anyone actually venture down there below the fold. It is designed to stop the user from having to scroll up and back down again every time they want to know which sheet count they are looking at.

Problem #2: Too many shared modules and external css/js files.

Solution: Cleaned Up Code

To clean up the code, I went into all of the different javascript files and consolidated them into one file. This meant I would have to combine some scripts, remove some scripts, and get rid of some of the outdated libraries that were left in the page when coding for IE 5 or IE 6.

Problem #3: Outdated Mobile Experience

Solution: Make It Responsive!

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