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This is a newsletter that gets sent out to all of the OnlineLabels.com customers on a monthly basis. Typically, it is sales-centric and focuses on new product announcements or reward code coupons. When faced with a newsletter in a template format, it is often difficult to change anything except the content. So after 3 years of stagnent results, I was finally able to convince the powers that be to accept a change in the right direction. Here's the result.

Problem #1: Way too much copy

Solution: Big, beautiful images with clear, concise CTA

Switching to less copy and using a large, beautiful photo increased the click through rate of the newsletter by approx. 4%. With a subscription base of almost 400k, that means we were able to get about 16,000 more people to our site. This is typically the type of exposure we would see when sending out a coupon, yet we didn't have to offer any discounts on products in order to achieve the same results.

Problem #2: Outdated gradient buttons and too many distractions

Solution: Updated header design with less buttons and distractions.

Click throughs were all over the board above, so we went through the analytics and eliminated the two buttons that were getting the least amount of clicks. This helped deliver a more narrow approach, focused on the buttons that are important to both us and to the user.

Problem #3: Too many stories

Solution: Move to either one or two stories, max

Now that all of the other distractions were gone, it was time to beef up the content and move focus into the new area. This meant that we needed no more than one or two stories per email. The results spoke for themselves when we took away all of the destracting click opportunities and put more focus on the sales items that mattered.

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