Print Advertising

Mock Advertising Campaign

Full Sail University

When you're a starving artist, you need to start somewhere. So, when I was opening the first few doors of my career, I would find companies in the area that I tought were intriguing and I would create mock advertising capaigns for them. This is the result of a mock advertisement I did for a creative Graphic Design & Film Making School in the Orlando, FL area - Full Sail University.

Where did I start?

I had these old drawings that I made in High School art classes and I wanted to do something new and cool with them. So I came up with a concept that would allow me to blend my two favorite mediums together and bring some nostalgia into the digital world. The "campaign" was going to be called Let Your Creativity Take Over.

The Work

In order to mix the drawings with a photo-realistic world, I had to take some photos. I also used some honey and dripped it off of a spoon to resemble the water drops from the original hand drawing. With the select and warp tools in Photoshop, I was able to manipulate the honey drops and remove the backgrounds of each image. I then blended the two worlds together. Here are the results:.

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