A Floridian...
On Hockey, Marketing, & Web Design.

My name is Dave
and I am a huge hockey fan.

Maybe it’s because I have all of my teeth... or maybe it’s because I may as well be a native Floridian, but people don’t normally peg me for a guy that loves to strap a bunch of “Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man” pads onto his body so his friends could fire a frozen, vulcanized piece of rubber at him. But, alas; I am and always have been a true-blue Floridian Ice Hockey Player.

The funny thing about this passion is that I’ve never asked myself why I play before writing this. I’ve never looked at a hockey-casued bloody finger and thought, “Why on earth do I do this?”. I’ve never been dead tired after a game and thought, “Man. I really hope nobody else asks me to play again tonight”. I've never questioned the reason for my passion. It’s just always been.

so why do I love Hockey so much?

The same reason I love marketing and web design. Each begins with a clean, blank sheet. Each begs to tell a story that hasn’t been written yet. A story with all the proper elements: character development, a conflict arrising, the climax and, ultimately; the payoff. You certainly can’t control every single element of the process in either one. But if you work hard enough, plan out your strategy, and learn from your mistakes, you CAN control the outcome.

I think I was born with the love of Hockey, Marketing, & Web Design in my blood. And I don’t really think you can pick your true passion in life. But you can always pick what you’ll do with it.

I graduated from Stetson University in 2012, with a BA in Business Administration and a major focus in Marketing.

Working on this campaign for Pet Rescue By Judy was a blast! And we won some awards, too.

Bonus Fun Facts:

I've Taken Too Many Photos of my Dog

I've got a lot of photos of my dog.

Disney is Just The Greatest

This is one of the statues out in front of the Haunted Mansion at Disney in Orlando, FL.

I Own 7 Different Keyboards

I own 7 different keyboards... and they all go clicky clack a lot.

I've only done it once...
But I Knocked Out Sodapopinski

Beating Sodapopinski was pretty tough.  It took me about 25 years to pull it off.

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Orlando, FL

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